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I purchased the Ultimate Guide to Soy Candles, when I started to make candles for my massage business.  I wanted something clean to burn in my office, as well as being able to offer candles to my clients.  Before buying the Guide, I just went online and found random instructions.  I purchased wax, wicks, and containers, essential oils, and other scents.  I quickly learned that candle making is an art with many variables.


Nothing I tried seemed to be the correct combination of materials.  So, after hair pulling and much frustration, I went back online to do more searches for better instructions.  I found your site and your guide.  With nothing to lose, I purchased the Ultimate Guide to Soy Candles, and started again.  The instructions are right on, and easy to understand.  The information included is priceless, as far as I am concerned.  You cover all the problem areas in candle making and offer solutions.  It has cut out so much trial and error, and I am thankful.  I repurchased different wax, and wicks, and now my candles burn correctly.  The resource for material purchases is also valuable.  Not only have I saved time, I believe I have saved money using the resources you included in the Guide.  I am extremely happy with the vendors I have used and have experienced great product and fantastic customer service.  I would recommend your book to anyone getting started in the art of candle making.   Thank You!”  C. Marshall of Idaho

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 Hi There,

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