Learn about all of the different waxes on the market and which one is right for you.


Hundreds of wicks available on the market today, which one will work best for you?


All fragrance oils are not created equal. Find out the best fragrance suppliers.

The candle industry is not only a overly saturated business to be in but it is also a lucrative one providing you almost immediate return on your investment (ROI). It is a business that can be started with very little investment with excellent annual growth and high consumer demand. The busiest time of the year for candle sales is between September – December for the fall/holiday sales but can be extended to February. Sales can slow down during the spring and summer months simply because consumers are spending more time outdoors.


– Candles are used in 7 out of 10 homes.

– Candle sales are estimated to be $2 billion annually, excluding candle accessories.

– 90% of all candles purchased are by women per manufacturer’s survey.

– Container candles, votives, and pillars are the most popular among American consumers.

– The most important factors that affect candle sales are: scent, color, cost & shape/style.

Learn from an industry expert how to make the best candles on the market.

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“I currently have a retail/wholesale business and wanted to extend it with a soy candle line.  Because of running my current business I did not have the many hours it would take to research making quality soy candle making.  This book of information was invaluable.  The information in it enabled me to purchase supplies and go right to making candles.  Buy following the steps provided I was able to make fewer costly mistakes and get answers to questions.  I am currently doing many burn tests (great info on that as well) and getting my Soy Candle Line ready to introduce with my existing products.  Thank you for sharing such valuable information.”

J. TheriotSprings, TX

“Your e-book is excellent! Very informative and professionally done! After all my years of teaching very few books give detailed information the way yours does. I will be putting it on my website and referring to it in my classes.”

Joan MoraisJoan Morais Naturals

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